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Put your headphones in, turn up your volume and turn on your Pilates, TRX, plyometric strength training now.   There's no time to waste, only time to get strong.



 "Regan Sur-Trevino changed my life.  Through pure dumb luck I had the great fortune to meet and begin training with her two years ago.  The positive effects have been profound.

I'm a filmmaker - most days I'm holding a very heavy camera rig upwards of 10 hours a day. Without all the Pilates work on core muscles and help with my posture from Regan I would have fallen apart long ago.  

She will push your body and mind to the limit and beyond. You will achieve things you never thought possible. And she does it all with a smile! 

There will be moments mid-session when - heart pounding, drenched in sweat and with muscles of Jell-O you will question whether life is really worth living after all. But then she will somehow guide you through the valley and up the mountain. Your confidence will rise. Your body will get stronger. And then one day you'll catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror out of your periphery and you'll think, "Wow, Regan really knows what she's doing!"  

Whether you are new to Pilates or an experienced veteran - if you are ready to level up, if you like to learn, if you are prepared to work your ass off and have a damn good time doing it then she is your gal.  

Regan Sur is a Pilates sherpa sent from heaven.  Give her a ring if you dare...  Thank you Regan!


~ Alexis Boling, filmmaker 







We offer live virtual sessions for you or your group.  Whether you use FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Live, or Line, we have you covered for your strengthening and stretching goals.  Some clients have exclusively trained virtually, so no matter where you travel or live we can train together.  Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, safety is key, but so is staying healthy and strong!  Set up your mat, towel, whatever... let's go!





In your first virtual session, we will start with you and your mat.  Depending on your individual needs, we will use your environment, such as chairs, beds, walls, even kids can assist!  Then from there we can get even more creative, soup cans, water bottles, towels, and bottles of wine might be utilized.  If you happen to have items such as hand weights, resistance bands and the like, we will use them all - however it's not a requirement as your own bodyweight is most often enough to achieve your goals.  Virtual training is awesome, and distance doesn't affect the mind and body changes we can effect!  From rehabilition, to sports, to general fitness and more... Pilates-based NYC training is badass and it works.  

Below find the links to some of my favorite tools of the trade and my personal recommendations for your home gym:

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